Loadtests s_aturn

Methodical multiuser load measurements and performance analysis

A load measurement gives you security regarding sizing and configuration of your systems:

  • By validation of the hardware and software configuration.
  • Thanks to the realistic simulation of the expected peak loads.
  • Through monitoring of the test object (system under load) during the measurement.
  • By validation of the measurement results according to DIN66273/ISO14756

A load measurement reduces costs:

  • Oversized systems induce permanent costs for the licenses and maintenance in hardware and software.
  • Undersized systems lead to decreasing acceptance by poor performance and inadequate functionality.
  • Suitable, correctly sized systems create satisfied users.


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A special feature of s_aturn is the evaluation of the measurement results

  • Integrated method for evaluating the quality of the performance
  • Rating of the responsetime behaviour according to a standard method
  • Provides the rating, compact as yes/no (top or flop) statement

Load tests are mandatory and not optional!

  • If a portal is too slow, it is seen as not useable by the users.
  • Oversizing entails substantial extra costs of hardware and licenses.
  • Customers lost in the internet, are anonymous and not easy to regain.
  • Image loss, produced by bad performance or unacceptable functionality, is much more expensive than an automated load test, stress test or multiuser test.
  • Troubleshooting in production systems is expensive and complex.
  • Detect anomalies and failures in applications, system components and services of complex IT-systems, before the systems are scheduled to go live.
  • Gain performance statements about unexpected risk potentials and bottlenecks in complex IT-systems under real conditions.

A load test with s_aturn is an integrated solution and therefore far more than a load generator

We offer:

  • A measurement according to DIN with evaluation
  • An integrated network - monitoring: an analysis of the network traffic during a load measurement serves for detecting anomalies like resets, packet loss or retransmissions.
  • An integrated end-to-end - monitoring by an independent external entity lead to the identification of mutations of the responsetime behaviour during a load measurement
  • An integrated system - monitoring on evaluating the resource consumption of the systems to be measured
  • A measurement according to DIN supports in structuring of the test cases
  • Automated generation of a detailled measurement report


Availiable as licence or as service