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The company Zott+Co offers solutions, products and services for performance-optimisation in complex IT systems in the area of multiuser-, stress-, load-measurements and analyses of response times and availability by continuously evaluating during operation: End2End-, Process-, Transaction-, System-, Network- and Application-Monitoring.

We have been operating in this market segment since 1980. Using the innovative system “s_uite” we provide tools, which meet the highest expectations and requirements.

The testing tools and services, developed and distributed by Zott+Co, provide a solid basis for taking decisions in optimizing, in new implementations, server consolidation, and in the determination of data efficiency and load limits.

The effectiveness could be proved in the past in a variety of successful projects for banks and insurance companies, industry, for both major companies and medium sized enterprises. Well-known companies are among our customers.

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Company positioning

Zott+Co develops low-level software in the field of common UNIX derivatives inclusive Linux in the area of performance-analysis. We thereby aim to provide support to the customer in all sectors of load- and multiuser-tests and system- and network-analysis in complex IT-systems.

Because our systems access on the portals being tested via network interfaces, there are no dependencies to the platforms, that execute these applications. Our systems are not industry specific.

Market for Load-, Stress-, Multiusertests and Performance-Analysis

We thoroughly test complex portals to provide evidence of performance, stability and functionality of the online-applications:Portals at public-sector and administrative institutions, Online-Shops, Online-Banking-Systems, Online-Reservation Systems, Cloud-Computing-Systems.

The telephone communication via digital systems and networks, known as "Voice over IP" (VoIP) is a new challenge to the operators, developers and the manufacturers.

Case studies of load measurement with s_saturn

Corporate history

Zott+Co was established in 1980 by Max Huber, Harald Ultsch and Ludwig Zott. Our registered office is in Murnau at the Staffelsee. The hardware know-how of Max Huber and Harald Ultsch's experience in conception and development of the BS2000 load drive-systems FITT were ideal conditions to design and develop a load drive-system under UNIX. In cooperation with Siemens the hardware-based system s_aturn was developed in the 1990s.

At this time, hardware approach was obvious - the power of computers and operating systems was not suitable to realize high performant realtime-systems. The system family has evolved over the time to the system s_aturn 5000 with 126 processors, 120 Mbyte space and 500 simulated users. The s_aturn 5000 realtime functions were processed by an application-specific hardware. The control was achieved by a Unix workstation.

Having on the one hand increasing performance of computer and operating systems, on the other load driver systems which are being confronted with ever greater challenges, porting of s_aturn on such a highperformance environment was obvious. Zott+Co chose Sun-Microsystems and the operating system SunOS, the precursor of Solaris, at that time.

After Linux had established itself in professional IT environments, Zott+Co migrated the system platform again. This is an open system platform, which provides all interfaces and system services, that are necessary for efficient performance analysis.

With the products nemo for network analysis and HowAreYou for performance measurements, in combination with s_service Zott+Co has established itself as a leading supplier of software and services.