What does DIN 66273 / ISO 14756 stand for?

  • A procedural method for the performance evaluation of complex IT systems
  • Test object benchmarking in relation to a theoretic reference model
  • s_aturn uses a method derived from DIN/ISO
    • For generation and modelling of load
    • For statistical analyses of measurements
  • Validating of measurement results with a DIN/ISO certified procedure
  • DIN66273 national/  ISO14756 international standard

DIN 66273/ ISO 14756, the basis of the s_aturn technology

Description of the method and the evaluation criteria of the DIN 66273/ISO 14756

DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung


DIN 66273-2

Information processing - Measurement and rating of data processing performance - Part 2: Workload Type A

Deutsches Institut für Normung: DIN 66273-2

ISO/IEC 14756

Information technology - Measurement and rating of performance of computer-based software systems

Deutsches Institut für Normung: ISO/IEC 14756