Analyses of response times, performance and availability


Expertise and experience

Several successful projects for state and federal authorities, for banks, insurance companies, industry and medium-sized companies

Vast experience in network-topologies, system-infrastructures and IT.

News Zott+Co GmbH 

Market launch of nemoArt 2.0

Zott+Co GmbH announces the market launch of nemoART 2.0


nemoART 2.0 combines two elements:

  1. Real User Monitoring (RUM)

  2. Retrospective Performance Analysis (RPA)

With nemoART 2.0 you keep track of the availability of your IT-infrastructure. Record and validate the response times from the perspective of end users. Make statements with nemoART 2.0, even in retrospect, to accessibility of all your systems and to conduct targeted cause analysis with abnormalities.

EuroCMG 2013 with Zott+Co GmbH

Zott+Co is represented at the ceCMG Annual Conference 2013 with the lecture: "Performance Analysis of Cloud Services" in Gelsenkirchen.
The lecture arranged in the framework of a workshop will take place on 7.3.2013 from 12:15 to 13:30.